Friday, April 15, 2011

Wal Mart and Publix mini Trips... saved 87% on Christmas and donations!

Okay.. so talk about a deal!! The operation games are stickered at $15 each! They have been marked down to $5 each... and then you can use the coupon from the Sunday paper and get $3/1 for each! I have 3 Birthdays in the family coming up... I know what everyone is getting!! lol

Also, The Similac is for the Food Pantry. Retail $5.49 less the $5/1 MQ means a  $0.49 donation!                                                    

Now, On this side, We have the Publix deal! The similac was $0.99 ($5.99 less the $5/1 MQ), The Olay was $0.99 ($2.99 less the $2/1 MQ) and the Yakisoba was an $0.11 overage! ($0.89 w/ a doubled $0.50/1 MQ)

I love FREE!!

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