Monday, April 4, 2011

A few Great Deals This Week...

So, the best deal for me thus far this week was at Publix using Qs I got through Recycle Bank for doing quizzes, and recycling! I love Recycle Bank! What they stand for is simply amazing and dear to my heart, but to get coupons as well... Sign me up! You get points simply for joining, and then you can get more in minutes!
So, I received a $2/1 MQ and a BOGO MQ for Wonderful Pistachios! Here's how that deal, and a few others came together:

2 Wonderful Pistachios: $7.99   Used BOGO Q and $2/1 MQ  $3 each!
2 Schick razors BOGO $8.49   Used 2-$3/1     $1.25 each!
2 Pilsbury Biscuits  $10/10  Used 1-$0.50/1  $0.50 each!
I Sun Chips  $3.99  
Used: 1- $1.50 off any chips w/ purchase of Velveeta tearpad
          1-$1/1 PQ  Yellow Advantage Buy Flyer                                 $1.49 for Sun Chips!
2 rolls Viva paper towels  $3.99
Used:   1- $1.50/2 + rolls
            2- $0.40/1 (doubles)    $0.45 each roll!
Since I spent $30 I got to use a $5/$30 Winn Dixie Q  wheee!

That is just a few of the deals!
Happy Shopping!  

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