Friday, April 15, 2011

How Would You Like to Celebrate Cover Girl's 50th Anniversary?

What would you do to celebrate 50 Beautiful Years? Well, if you were a BzzAgent, you would do things like get free samples of the newest Cover Girl products, take quizzes, get informative emails AND be rewarded for your efforts! How do I know this? I am a BzzAgent! I will spend the next 76 days, at my own convenience, telling people all about BzzAgent and 
My Cover Girl  on Facebook, Twitter, Girl Scouts, the soccer field,  the grocery store and anywhere else that I strike up a conversation! I am truly excited to get to be a voice for Cover Girl, because Cover Girl has helped me find the confidence to have my own voice for 40 years.
Happy 50th Birthday Cover Girl! I hope you have many many more! 

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