Saturday, January 22, 2011

"Snack"urday!!! from A few Short Cuts!

So,  Amanda has done it again!! She has turned her sale goods into an amazing recipe!! Go over and visit Amanda at A Few Short Cuts and check out ALL of her great recipes!!

Thanks Amanda!!!

Publix trip 1/22/11 ... saved 99.9%!

So, I know it seems impossible, but NO! I won a Publix contest and received a gift card for $250! (See previous post.) So, my OOP for this $187 worh of groceries was a mere .34! Now, had I not had the Gift Card, my savings would still be 40%! Not great, but I decided to use the last of the card to stock up on frozen veggies, toilet paper and CHICKEN!!! I also bought a ift card for someone for $15. The prices were great, and I couldn't resist the "free" opportunity. I bought alot this trip without Qs, so I am just going to give you the best deals!

4 Hunt's ketchup  BOGO 2.25   used 2-$1/2 peelies from Sea Pack fish.  .62 each!
Special K 50% off  of $4.99 today only! used 2-BOGO Qs HERE and 1-.75/1 TQ (mailer) $1.06 each
Colgate BOGO $2.95 used $1/1 TQ (Mailer)  $.47!!
Polly-O Mozzarella 2/$6 used 2-$1/1 MQ HERE (zip 11211) and 2-$1/1 PQ (Yellow AB flyer) $1 each!
Sobe sale 10/$10 used 1- FREE SOBE MQ ... FREE!

From the last trip (not pictured) we had these deals:
Country Crock BOGO $1.99. used 2-.40/1 MQ and 2 .50/1 TQ           .34/each!
Glade single refills: BOGO $3.49    $1.24 each!

Have a great shopping week!

WAHOO!! Did I tell you guys that I won?

Last year I posted a Publix contest for "Design You Own Soccer Ball". I won second prize!! So it is possible to win these contests!! Among all of the other great prizes was a $250 Publix gift card! Well, let me tell you... I have bought $450 in Groceries with that gift card! I know there are some that consistently save 80%, but I think for a family of 5 with 3 dogs and a guinea pig, we are doing okay!!

Monday, January 17, 2011

How To Save Money Shopping Online!

You know that I am a coupon clipping maniac and that I try to get groceries, etc, for as close to nothing whenever possible! There are two things that I use that I wanted to tell you guys about. I do a TON of online shopping now. I never did before this year, but I have found these two things that make it cost effective and make me money!
The first is Amazon mom. If you join Amazon mom, then you are automatically enrolled in Amazon Prime for free! This means free 2 day shipping!! (Yippee!) At Christmas, I also got coupons from amazon mom for 10% off of toys and games and other things. It is totally free and a really amazing deal! This is not a referral... just fyi. I don't think it even asks how you heard of Amazon mom.  
This is the link to sign up: 
Now this one IS a referral. (Total honesty here!) I use a gateway website when I shop everywhere but Amazon online. It is called Ebates. What you do is go to their site and scroll through the store listing and get to the store you are shopping at through the Ebates site. Then, depending on the store, you get 3% - 6% back on your purchases. The $$ is put into your ebates account and once you reach $20 (it may be $30) you get a check for that amount from Ebates. When you sign up, you get an automatic $5 in your account. I use this site ALOT w/ JC Penny online. You get those $10 off any purchase coupons in the mail, and then you go on Ebates, click on JC Penny and shop away. I bought 6 pairs of shoes last year for free through the clearace section of the Penny's site... only paid shipping. Actually, for some of those, I had a code for free shipping.
Anyhoo, I use this site and it works well for me. I look at it this way. If I am going to spend my money, I might as well get cash back rewards for free! lol If you want to check out Ebates, go to this link. (Like I said, this one is a referral, so I would appreciate you using the link if you want to sign up!). It costs NOTHING to join! yay for free!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Kellogg's Special K has reset!!

Yahoo!! The Special K BOGO coupon has reset!! Go HERE to get yours!!
Happy Shopping!

Thanks Laurie at Passionate Penny Pincher!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

"Snack"urday!!! from A few Short Cuts!

You hve got to go over to see Amanda at A Few Short Cuts and check out these AMAZING monster cookies!! Yumbo!!!
And the best part is that they are Gluten-Free!!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Have You Lost Your Muchness??

Today I want to share with you a blog I have been following! It is called Muchness and Light and it is amazing! It follows the story of a mom who "Has lost her muchness" and parallels it to the story of Alice in Wonderland. Go over and see Stephanie and follow along in the quest to regain your muchness!!

Publix Run TWICE!!!

So, I was on the ball this morning! I went to Publix and Target and was home by 9:30!  My Publix drops the new ad on Wednesday, so I like to go in early and take care of the shopping before it is all gone! (We do have a few "take all of it" types that shop my Publix!) But, I digress...

In my first trip, I did pretty well.
Bounty 6 roll sale:  $6.49 used a $1/1 MQ and the $1/1 PQ         $4.49
2 Axe (w/ trial sizes) $4.49 BOGO Q                                          $4.49
2 cover girl mascara:
reg $7.99 ea  sale $5.99 used $2.50/2 MQ and 2-$1/1PQ          $7.48
Crest toothpaste: sale 2/$3 used 2-$.75/1                                    $1.50
The beauty of the Crest is that it came with A sample size and additional Q's that I used on my return trip!  And not Pictured, I got 2 Family packs of Chicken (Boneless Skinless) for $1.99/ lb!! Great sale!

So,  We see here That I have 4 boxes of Special K! I used 2 BOGO MQ and 2-$1/2 MQ.  And it was already 1/2 price BOGO from $3.99! So, Bought 4 for $7.98. took off 3.99 for the BOGO and then took off $2 for the $1/2 Target Q!  I got 4 boxes of cereal for $1.99. Definitely the deal of the day!! I ended up going back to Publix again for something else!                                                                     
On the returen trip, I used the MQs from the Crest (1st trip) I got 2 Oral B toothbrushes, $.50 each and 2 more tubes of Crest (and more Qs) for $.75 each! I also got the juice for a penny! The Aussi was on sale for $2.29 from $3.99 and there was a $.50/1 peelie that doubled!! So, it was $1.29!  The Listerine was $3.75 on sale and I used a $2/1 MQ. Also, the dog treats were $3.29 and I used a $2/1 MQ making them $1.29! A great second trip!!
Overall today at Publix, I saved 51%!

Resolutions for the New Year

So, this year I have made a few resolutions. I have to admit, I usually do them and quit about three days in. But this year I started early and went on through now! So far so good!! So, what are they you may be asking? Nothing too severe! This year I am going to:
1) keep an ongoing total of my spent/saved/actual. (I was horrible about this last year).
2) actually COOK every night! Granted, we will still have pizza night, but instead of making frozen pizza, I am going to make it from scratch! (Or order in!! lol)

Not too bad, right?
What are your resolutions? How long do you think you will keep them?
Let me know!!

Sorry I've been gone soooo long!

Sorry, but I have been busy doing

Yay me!!
But I am back now and hopefully all will be well in the world of my blogginess!

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