Thursday, March 31, 2011

Soccer Team Snack Update! 36 kids' snacks/drinks for $2.50! 95% savings!

I have said that I am trying to get through the soccer season with almost no game day snack cost! This way, we can use the "snack fund" to buy trophies for the kids! A little bit of extra fun for the kiddos!
Each family gave $7  toward the snack fund for the 8 kids on the team.
So, we had  $56 for the 8 games
Week 1: (I had double snack... both girls' teams): 18 Fuze,  18 Oreo Cakesters  $2.50
Week 2: Capri Sun / Chips Ahoy singles (used Gain Overage)   FREE!
Week 3: (already purchased)  Capri Sun / Cheez it singles (used Gain overage)  FREE!

So far so good! I think we will get the trophies with no problem!!

CVS, Wal Mart, Walgreens and 84% savings!

So today was one of those random (but fun) shopping days! I went to CVS, Wal Mart and Walgreen's. Here's how it all came out!

First stop: Wal Mart! (Pictured above Wal Mart & CVS)
9 Gain $1.78/each  total:  $16.02  Used: 9-$3/1 Gain MQ (expired today)  total:  $10.98  overage!
2 Kool Aid Jammers  $1.78 ea.   (total $3.56)
2 Gripz $3.48 each  (total $6.96)
1 bag salad  $2.48
1 swich bags  $2.18
2 Bar S hot dogs $.88 each (total $1.76) Used $1/2  (Net $0.76)

Wal Mart total  $4.96
Total Saved: $28.00   or 85% savings

Next: CVS
2 BIC Bella razors B1/G1 1/2 $7.49 ($11.24) Used 2- $3/1  IPMQ    (net $5.24)
4 Axe wash/ detailer sale:2/$9.00  ($18.00) Used 2-BOGO MQ  (net $9.00)
Used 1-$5/$25 CVS scanner Q
Received back $5 RR ( I don't count these until I use them... that way I am not "double counting" my discounts!
CVS Total: $9.24
Total Saved: $29.58  or  77%

Also CVS:  I am shopping for Easter goodies for my kiddos plus for a few Easter parties/ egg hunts! I have been a goodie buying machine! And amazingly- I haven't eaten a bit!
6 M&Ms, 3 Milky Way, 3-3 Muskateers  Sale: B2/G1Free (@ $0.99 each)   $7.92
Used: 4-B2/G1 Free MQs   -$3.96      Total  $3.96
6 Gummi Life Savers B2/g1 Free (@ $0.89)  $3.56
Used 2-$1/2 Peelies        -$2.00            $1.56
Total: $5.52  Used $5 RR from 1st purchase    $0.52 OOP! Total saved: $15.77

On to Walgreen's!
12 Snicker eggs (@ $0.29)  $3.48    Used 2-  $2/2     total:  $0.52  overage
2 Bic Razor  Sale B1/G1 1/2  (reg $3.99)   total:  $5.98
Used 2-$2/1 MQ   net: $1.98
Spent:  $2.50     saved:  $11.48  or 83%10206

Total spent: $17.22
Total saved: $84.84    or    84% Saved!!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wags friends and Family event!

Yippee! Wags is having another friends and family event! That means 15% off your in store purchase (brand names) and 20% off the Wags brands! What an awesome opportunity to save some money!! Go HERE
to print your coupon!

Thanks to Debby Does Coupons!

The Great Gain deal! Get it before it's gone!

Yay for remembering to take my coupon policy with me to Wal Mart!I paid only the tax! Love Love Love IT!!!
Bought 2 gain dryer sheets (2@ $1.87) and 2 Gain fabric softener (2@$2.50)
Used 4 Gain MQ (exp 3-31-11) 4 @ $3.00 each  (total -$12.00)                                      -$3.26
Apples $3.69 (applied the overage)

I LOVE using the overage to pay for other things!

Thanks to Paul at I Heart the Mart for all of his amazing Wal Mart info!!

Always have your coupon policy with you!!

I tried to use some of my $3/1 Gain MQs at Wal Mart and ran into some difficulty. I was told by a cashier and then the customer service manager that they would not (could not?) take any coupons in excess of the ticket price of an item.  I had made the HUGE mistake of not having my coupon policy with me! You should always have your coupon policy with you! If you don't have a copy of the new coupon policy, you can go HERE and download the pdf! I was nice about the incident and went back later and purchased my items with no issues.

Print it and put it in your binder! Go on, do it now!!  :)

Don't forget to Use 'em or Lose 'Em

Don't forget to use your Gain $3/1 MQ!! They expire on the 31st! These are a great way to get some cheap or FREE fabric softener and/or dryer sheets!
The next post(s) show what I did with mine!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

New Fisher price Q's and stack!

Right now you can get some pretty good deals on infant toys at Target! You can go here and print a
Target coupon for 20% off a Fisher Price infant toy!
Then there are tons of coupons available as well from Fisher Price so click  HERE to get them!

    For example, This cute Laugh and Learn Puppy is $19.99 less $5/1 and 20% off he will be $11.99!

    Thanks to Jennifer at The Thrifty Military Wife and Kerry at Totally Target! for the intel!

    Have you got your Groupon? Ebay $15 card for $7!

    Have you heard of Groupon yet?  It is an amazing way to save some money! I have bought everything from gift cards to meals to photo albums through Groupon.  It is very simple... You click any of the Groupon links in this posting and sign up for free. Then you will receive emails every day from Groupon letting you know the day's offer. Once a certain number of offers is sold, the "Deal is On!"
    I have really enjoyed the Groupons that I have bought...    and this one will be no different!
    This Groupon is a $15 Ebay voucher for $7! I see free coupons in our future!
    Go on.. go get it! You know you want to!

    Thanks to Deal Friends for the info!

    The $2/2 M&M Mars MQ has reset!

    You need to run over Here and get your $2/2 Easter Candy Coupon!
    And don't forget... the Mars Snickers eggs are 2/$1 at Publix and
    $0.29 each at Wags this week!  You can score some cheap candy for Easter (If it lasts that long!)

    Last minute pickups @ Publix.. saved 84%

    A great day for some last minute shopping! I scored some Super super deals! I got all that you see here for
    $11.75! Here's how:
    Bought 6 qty Gorton's Fish. BOGO $5.49  
     Used 6- $0.50/1 Gorton’s Product 2/13/2011 SS Insert (exp 5/31/2011)  $1.75/ each!      (total: $10.47)

    Bought 6 qty Peter Pan Peanut Butter BOGO $2.47      
    -$1/3 Peter Pan Peanut Butter (any size) Publix coupon Slam Dunk Savings Booklet
    Used 4 - $1/1 ConAgra Fight Child Hunger MQ (You have to have a code from a previous purchase)
    $0.40 each !  (total: $2.41)

    Bought 2 Gushers BOGO $2.69    
    Used -$0.50/2 Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks 3/6/2011 SS Insert (exp 4/30/2011)   (total: $1.69)

    Bought 2 Ritz Bits and 2 Ritz Munchables BOGO $3.39  
    Used  2- $1/1 Ritz Munchables MQ found HERE
    Used -$1/2 Nabisco Crackers 1/30/2011 SS Insert (exp 3/31/2011)
    Used 1- B3/G1 Free TQ found HERE        (total: $2.08)

    I also used a $5/$30 purchase WinnDixie coupon. 

    This brought the total down to $11.75 (plus tax) for a savings of 84%!!!

    Melissa and Doug back at Totsy!

    Melissa and Doug is back at! If you have not joined Totsy, it is a wonderful site! There are 3 day sales on merchandise at discounted prices!

    I got an awesome item to put up for Christmas for $5 (plus tax) INCLUDING SHIPPING!!! My little helper will love this!  I cannot say enough about this site! Go Here, join in and check it out!

    Sunday, March 27, 2011

    FREE Uncle Ben's Ready Rice

    Don't forget to go HERE and sign up for your free sample of
    Uncle Ben's Ready Rice...
    This stuff is really great and Really Great plus FREE?
    Love it!

    Free / Cheap Easter Candy!!

    Whether you prefer Publix or Walgreen's, I have  a scenario for you!
    Publix has the snicker eggs 2/$1 right now... use the $1/2 Mars easter MQ from the 3/20/2011 RedPlum insert and they are free! (But will they last until Easter??)
    There is also a candy deal at Walgreen's! The Snicker's eggs are $0.29 this week! So, you can use the MQ there as well for some free basket stuffers! It is Wag's policy to adjust the coupon down, so you may not get an overage...but still... free eggs!

    Thanks to  Michelle at and Carol at!
    These ladies have lots of info for you to go to and check out!

    Saturday, March 26, 2011

    Soccer team snack for 18 kiddos... $2.50 saved $25.37 saved 92%!!

    So, I have two daughters that play soccer and I am team mom for both teams!! For one of my teams, the parents simply paid in $10 to the "snack fund" and I will supply the snacks so that it is easier on everyone! I do have an agenda, though... I want to have enough money left over from the snack fund to buy trophies for all of the kiddos!! So, this was week one and so far so good! Between both teams (9 players per team, 18 total) I bought 18 Fuze drinks and 3 boxes of Oreo Cakesters! Check this out:
    18 bottles Fuze 10/$10; Used 18 $0.50/1 hangtags  final price:  FREE!
    3 boxes Oreo Cakesters 2/$5 ($7.50) Used 3-$1/1 peelies, 1-$1/1 TQ and 1-$1/2 TQ
    Total Price... $2.50!
    The kids may get their trophies yet!!

    Walgreens cheap finds!

    I broke my own rules and bought something with no coupons! I bought a can of clearance nuts at Wags, for $2.29. They rang up at $0.74! YAY!!!! Head on over and check it out!

    Free Fuze at Publix!

    Fuze is 10/$10 at Publix this week! They also have $0.50/1 MQ hangtags! You know what that means!! Free Fuze at Publix! Wheeee!
    I love love love FREE!

    Thursday, March 24, 2011

    75% savings at Publix!!

    Such good deals on things! I saved 75% today in trip #1! The best deals were:
    Pedigree 4.4 pound bag $3.99 Used $3/1   $0.99 each!
    Kibbles and Bits BOGO $4.99  Used 4-$2/1       $0.50  each!
    Voskos Yogurt 2/$3  used 1-B2/G1 free and 2- $0.75/1 Blinkies   $0.50  each!
    Bertolli sauce  BOGO $2.69 Used 1- 0.75/1 TQ    $0.60!
    Cooking Creme was Free with Kraft Q!
    Wisk sale $4.49. Used 3- $2/1 MQ  $2.49 each!
    Plus used $5/$30 WinnDixie Q!

    that's it!  Happy Shopping!

    What an awesome dog food day! Saved 90%!

    So, how awesome is this? I spent $5 and saved $44! WOW!!!Here's what happened!
    5-Kibbles and bits BOGO $4.99, Used 5-$2/1   $0.50 each!
    2 Oreo Cakesters 2/$5. Used 2-$1/1 peelies and 1-$1/1 TQ   $1 each!
    2 Wisk $4.49 sale! Used 2-$2/1   $2.49 each!
    1 Jimmy Dean $4.99 used $1/1 PQ and $1/1 MQ  $2.99
    ALSO:  Since pre-coupons, I had a total of $31.50, I used 1-$5/$30 WinnDixie Q!  How about that! I am set up for Dog food! Whee! With 3 Labs, we need LOTS of dog food!!   :)

    Happy Shopping!

    Free Suave!! Hurry- it won't last long!

    You need to go  HERE quickly and get your Q for a FREE suave product!!
    We love free!! Coupons will go quickly, so do it NOW!

    Saturday, March 19, 2011

    Zuliliy is amazing!

    This is an amazing offer from Zulily!  The boots are all around $22.99 (some as low as $18.99)! Head over before the good ones are all gone!
    Thanks, Michelle at iheartsavingmoney!

    Friday, March 18, 2011

    My personal couponing etiquette

    Recently, I have come into a great resource for coupons. Because of this, I have been able to "step up" my coupon skills! My Publix has never taken anything but Target as a competitor (major bummer!) so having more inserts has been a big help!!
    Sooo... One thing that has ALWAYS bugged me is when I go to the store and there is none of the BOGOs or sale items left on the shelf... and it is noon on the first day!So, what do I do? There are a couple of choices:
    1. Ask customer service to ORDER what you need in a certain quantity
    2. wait... I feel zero guilt clearing off a shelf on the last day of the sale
    3. only buy what you need for the next 6 weeks. These all go in rotation every 6 weeks, so it works!
    This is what I do... let me know if you have any other suggestions!

    Wednesday, March 16, 2011

    Publix 70% savings (Not counting 2 gas cards)

    Okay, so I have gone a bit gas-card crazy. But, when you figure that gas is right now $3.29 p/gallon here and w/the $10 off it comes to $2.74 per gallon... That's a deal! So, I ran in and picked up a few things. Here's the highlights: btw, everything pictured above was $40. That includes the crab, Shrimp and the rest!
    Yoplait kids 2/$4. Used $2/2 PQ and 2 $0.50/1 MQ (doubled).   FREE!!!
    2 Sea Pak shrimp BOGO $7.29  used $3/1 MQ                 $4.29 for 2!
    2 Franks Hot Sauce $1.09 ea. used 2- $0.50/1 MQ (doubled)    $0.09 each!!
    2 French's Worcestershire $1.25 ea. used 2- $0.75/1.           $0.49 each!
    3 Bird's Eye frozen veg. Sale 50% off. used 1-$1/2 PQ and 1-$1/3 MQ.   $0.48 cents each!!
    2 Yoplait frozen smoothies. sale 2/$5. Used 2-$1/1 MQ and 1-$1/2 PQ  $1.00  each!!
    Raisin bran BOGO $3.99. Used 2-$0.75/1 MQ and $1 off produce MQ (toward apples)
      $1.24 per box!!!   and  $2.99 for apples!
    The rest was all on sale with Qs but not as incredible... Oh well... I guess something's gotta give somewhere!

    The first of MANY Publix trips this week... Saved 65%

    So... here we go! This is the first part of the trip!
    10 qty  4.4 pound bags of pedigree...
    $3.99 each $39.90 total.  Used 10 -$3/1 Pedigree Dog Food 3/6/2011 RP Insert (exp 4/17/2011).
    new total: $9.90 
    5-Dentastix BOGO $3.00, $7.50 total. 
    Used 5 -$2/1 Pedigree Dentastix Treats For Dogs 1/30/2011 RP Insert (exp 3/19/2011).
    New Total: $-2.50!!!
    6 qty cans Pedigree can food. On sale 10/$10. $6.00 total.
    Used 3 -B1/G1 Pedigree Dog Food 3/6/2011 RP Insert (exp 4/17/2011)
    total $3.00.
    Okay... here's the rest. I will hit the high points on this one! 
    2 qty YoPlus BOGO $2. Used 2-$1/1 printables found HERE.  Total: FREE!
    4 qty Voskos Greek yogurt. 10/$10. Used 2- $0.75/1 found  HERE and $1/1 found  HERE
    Total: $0.12 each!
    3 Tide Stain Release $3.99
    Used 3-$3/1 $3/1 Tide Stain Release Products 2/27/2011 PG Insert (exp 3/31/2011).
    Total: $0.99 each!
    2 Old Spice deoderant $3.99 each and 2 Old Spice bodywash $3.99
    Used: 1 $2/2 TQ (Target home mailer),  -$1/1 Old Spice Product 2/27/2011 PG Insert (exp 3/31/2011)
    -FREE Old Spice Body Wash WYB Old Spice APDO 2/27/2011 PG Insert (exp 3/31/2011)
    Total for all 4: $4.98
    Playtex pearl 18 count sale $3.99
    Used: -$2/1 Tampax Tampons 2/27/2011 PG Insert (exp 3/31/2011) and 
    -$1/1 Tampax Pearl or Always Infinity Publix Stock Up & Save (exp 3/21/2011) Total: $0.99!!

    Total for everything pictured: $72.32      Saved: $134.25  
    That's $72.32 for $206.57 in Groceries and dog food  or 65% off!!!!

    Last day for $10 off Gas Cards at Publix!!

    Don't forget today is the last day of the $10 off PQ! Go get your cheaper gas!! It makes gas about $2.72 p/gallon which, as you know, is AMAZING!!!

    Go get it!

    Saturday, March 5, 2011

    Shopping and Saving and Giving! Spent $8.61 saved $30.57! 80% saved!

    So.. This was a great trip!
    Orchard Juice BOGO $1.50 -  Bought 4 used $1.50/4  IP          ttl: $1.50 for all 4!
    Quaker Oatmeal BOGO $3.79 Used BOGO TQ   (-$1.80)       ttl:  $1.80 for 2!
    Rice a Roni/Pasta Roni BOGO $1.33 Bought 6 and 2.
    Used 2- B3 Rice a Roni/ get 1 Pasta Roni Free (up to $2)!
    The coupons rang up at an automatic -$2.00!!
     So...  $1.32 for all 8 boxes!
    Popcorn was BOGO @ $4.89 and I used a $1/1 TQ and $1/1 MQ  $2.99 for 2!
    The Hormel was $1 after Q's!
    The Airheads and Mentos were free after Q's!
    Great day of shopping!!

    Friday, March 4, 2011

    Get $15 off at!

    I was being Bloggy at Mommy Wants Freebies and she shared this awesome deal!! You need to head over to and sign up! They have so many deals for under $10! Baby blankets, toys, etc! And right now, if you put in the code 15CREDIT at checkout, you can get $15 off the total. Including the shipping! I got this
    For my daughter for Christmas! It was $22.00 and I got it for $5.95 shipped! Gotta love CHEAP!
    Thanks, Carol!!

    Tuesday, March 1, 2011

    Alabaster Publix new coupon policy

    So, I was informed today by the cashier at my local Publix that they were no longer taking multiple Publix Qs on the same item. I mean that, if I was doing the Italian Days sale and wanted to do all 20 items as canned veggies, I could only use 1- $1/4 PQ OR 1-$5/ 20 items Q. Before today they would have taken 5- $1/4 on the veggies AND the $5/20 PQ! The cashier was super nice and just told me that they had been doing it wrong and that the Mgmt had corrected the situation. So.. heads up!
    However, they are still taking 1 MQ and 1 PQ per item!

    Saved 60% at Publix today! All this for $59.47!!

    I had a great trip today to Publix! I got lucky with some peelies and a MQ that I found in my mailbox yesterday!
    Here's the highlights!
    2- Rice Krispies BOGO $3.99. Peelie for free M&Ms on the box ($2.99)
    So FREE M&Ms!
    1-Pure Almond (2/$5) Used 1-$1/1 yellow flyer PQ and 1 $.75/1 Blinkie    Only $0.75!
    6-Classico pasta sauce (BOGO $2.39) Used 2-$1/1 peelies and 2- $1/2 wine hangtags.  $0.53 each!
    1 Chicken leg quarters ($3.50) and 1 Philly Cooking Creme ($2.99)  total: $6.49 used:
    1-$1.50/1 Blinkie for Philly and 1-$1.50 off chicken WYB Philly peelie (found on chicken).
    New Total: $3.49 (like free philly!)
    Free El Monterrey Product Q found HERE
    2 Kraft BBQ sauce BOGO $1.65 and 1 pkg Velveeta shells and cheese ($2.29).
    used $1.50 Velveeta Shells and cheese WYB Kraft BBQ sauce peelie.
    Italian Days purchase as :follows:
    8 Green giant canned veggies BOGO $1.29         $5.16
    8 Progresso Soup                  BOGO $2.29         $9.16
    4 cans Grands Biscuits           $10/10                   $4.00
    Total:                                                                  $18.32
    used 2-$0.40/2 pillsbury peelies (doubles)          - $1.60
    used 2-$1/4 Progresso MQ                               - $1.00
    used 1 $5.00/ WYB 20 PQ                               -$5.00
    new total:                                                           $11.32 or $0.56 per item! what a deal!

    Last days of the Italian Days sale!

    Don't forget!! The Italian days sale ends tomorrow!! Get your last few cheap items before the Qs are gone!

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