Thursday, April 28, 2011

New Hop (I thought Easter was Over!!) lol

Here we go!! A new hop for you to follow! Now get over there and find a following!!
Thanks to Thrifty and Frugal!


If you or someone you know is looking for loved ones from the Tornadoes

If you or someone you know are looking for loved ones possibly lost or displaced in the storm, this is an EXCELLENT resource for you! Please go Here and register to find or be found.
Our prayers go with all of you...

Get your donation dollars in order.... It's time to help out tornado victims.

My friend Amanda at A Few Short Cuts has posted a great list of near-freebies to help stretch your donation dollars! Please... before you go shopping, check out these match-ups and get MORE TO DONATE!!! The story continues to unfold every minute as to what some cities are left with in the state of Alabama. One thing we know is that they need HELP!!! So, please DONATE DONATE DONATE!!!

And thank you, Amanda, you are an amazing person for doing this...

Tornado Victims Need Our Help

I am putting a challenge out to all of you in the coupon blogosphere.
1) Dedicate a post or two to coupon match ups for personal hygiene, baby and other necessary items.
2) Encourage your readers to go buy some of the needed items
3) post in your blog where people can donate.

We have lost 128 people at last count in the State of Alabama and many many more are missing. They need so many things, this is the very least we can do.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Gracie has started taking Claritin... what a difference!

As you know, I have been working with BzzAgent and sampling products so that I can write reviews. My latest product test is for Children's Claritin. It could not have come at a better time! My youngest daughter has terrible allergies. She coughs, sneezes and suffers terrible congestion from April through the end of May! When I received this package I was thrilled!

Gracie has begun taking the product and within a few days, she is like a whole new kiddo! She is just as active, and no cloudy, sleepiness that you can get from some allergy medicines. As this is Easter weekend, we have spent  the entire weekend outside with family, hunting eggs, having picnics, and just spending time together. And she has been in the thick of it all!

I can personally recommend this product for your child with allergies! And if you have problems with "I don't wanna take the yucky medicine" times, NO ISSUES!!! It is a grape chewable! We had no trouble... no muss no fuss!

Give your little one a clear head, free from allergies! Try Children's Claritin!


I have received a free sample of this product for testing purposes from the product manufacturer and I post reviews for BzzAgent based on my personal experiences. All opinions are my own.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Publix, Target and Wags. Spent: $11.09 Saved: $92.99 Saved 90% !!!

4 Pedigree  @$3.99 ($15.96) less 4-$3/1
-$12.00  New Total  $3.96
4 Dole @ $1.65 BOGO ($3.30) Less 2-$0.50/1
doubled New total $1.30
4 Wheat Thins @ BOGO $3.09 ($6.18) Less
4-$1/1  New total: $2.18
Sara Lee 50% off $3.89 ($1.89) Less $1/1
New Total ($0.89)
Tampax $3.99 Less: $3.00 MQ&TQ New total: $0.99.
Similac $4.19. Less $5.00 New total (-$0.81)
Less $5/$30  New total $4.88 (Plus tax)

Revlon clippers: 2@ $1.59 ($3.18) Used $5/1 TQ    $-$1.82
Dove $2.79  Used $2/1   $0.79
Similac  $5.39  Used $5/1    $0.39
Mini Wheats (Splurge.. NO COUPONS!)  $2.50

Total: $1.86  (plus tax)

Not bad!

Wal Mart:
Mens Nivea 2@ $3.00 Used 2-$3/1   FREE!
Similac $5.47  Used $5/1   $0.47
Olay $2.64 Used $2/1  $0.64
Connect 4 travel game $5.24 Used $3/1   $2.24

Total:    $3.35  (plus tax)

Scott Towels:
Also (not pictured) cinnamon roll $1.00

Used 1-$2.50/1 Catalina
         1-$1.00/1 WQ
         1- $2.00 RR

$0.50 (plus Tax)

Overall I spent $11.09 and saved $92.99! The Similac is for the Church Food Pantry, The Nivea and some of the soap and the clippers are for the troops we "Adopted" in Afghanistan, the rest is for us!
I love to save!

Never Leave a Couponer Alone in Publix Waiting on a Prescription...

This is what happens when your mom has surgery and you have to wait 30 minutes to pick up the prescription. lol... I had time to play with my Qs and I had some fun yesterday!! You have to do something while you wait!!
4 cans Tuttorosso Tomatos: BOGO $1.59
Used 2-$1/2 Blinkies                                        $1.18
Whet Thins Stix: BOGO $3.09
Used 2-$1/1 MQ                                             $1.09
Kraft BBQ sauce (no Q)                                  $2.25
Velveeta Shells and Cheese: BOGO $2.29
Used: $1.50/1 WYB BBQ peelie from sauce    $0.79
That's $5.31 for everything!!   63% saved!

Friday, April 15, 2011

How Would You Like to Celebrate Cover Girl's 50th Anniversary?

What would you do to celebrate 50 Beautiful Years? Well, if you were a BzzAgent, you would do things like get free samples of the newest Cover Girl products, take quizzes, get informative emails AND be rewarded for your efforts! How do I know this? I am a BzzAgent! I will spend the next 76 days, at my own convenience, telling people all about BzzAgent and 
My Cover Girl  on Facebook, Twitter, Girl Scouts, the soccer field,  the grocery store and anywhere else that I strike up a conversation! I am truly excited to get to be a voice for Cover Girl, because Cover Girl has helped me find the confidence to have my own voice for 40 years.
Happy 50th Birthday Cover Girl! I hope you have many many more! 

CVS and Wags mini trips: saved 90%

 Well, the first stop was at CVS!  The Gillette razors were B1/G1 half from $8.99 so, $8.99 and $4.50.  I used a BOGO Q on the Razors (-$8.99) and a $3/1 MQ on the second package (-$2). So... $1.50 for both packs!

The M & Ms were on sale for $1.99 each (reg. $3.99) -there was a second bag that I gave away. I used 1- $2/2 Mars Easter Items IPQ.  So in all,
Retail: $25.96
Spent: $0.45 (after tax)
Saved:  99.5%
I actually used $5 EBs and paid with pocket change! I never count EBs when I get them.. only when I use them! No "double dipping!"

 1st Wags Mini Trip: Bought 5 Royal gelatin $0.66/ea. Used a 5/$1 WQ and a $1/5 Blinkie I got at Publix... That's $0
3 clearance hair clips, $0.49 each.. no Qs   ($1.47)
2 Gillette Razors BOGO $6.99 ea ($10.50)  (NOTE: Wags is Cheaper than CVS!) Used: 1 BOGO MQ and 1-$2/1 MQ   Now: $1.50
1 Bic razor Clearance $3.29 Used 1-$2/1 MQ Now $1.29
Retail: $30.39
Paid: $ 3.26
Saved: 91%
Wags Mini Trip #2
Royal Gelatin $0.69 each. Used 1 5 for $1 WQ and 1 $1/5 Blinkie found at Publix.. SO $0!!
2 Biore $5.99 each. Used 1 BOGO MQ  So, $5.99 for 2! (I also got $5 RR, but I count these when I use them.)
4 Snickers eggs $0.29 each. Used 2- $1/2 MQ.  $0.84 OVERAGE!!
2 Bic razors. Clearance (and BOGO somehow) @ $3.29. (One at $3.29, one at $1.65) Used 2- $2/1 MQ.   $0.94 for BOTH!!!
Retail: $31.17
                                                      Paid: $5.09
                                                      Saved:  86% (plus have $5 RR to use later!)

So that's an overall
Retail:  $85.52,  Paid: $10.80,  Saved: 90%

Wal Mart and Publix mini Trips... saved 87% on Christmas and donations!

Okay.. so talk about a deal!! The operation games are stickered at $15 each! They have been marked down to $5 each... and then you can use the coupon from the Sunday paper and get $3/1 for each! I have 3 Birthdays in the family coming up... I know what everyone is getting!! lol

Also, The Similac is for the Food Pantry. Retail $5.49 less the $5/1 MQ means a  $0.49 donation!                                                    

Now, On this side, We have the Publix deal! The similac was $0.99 ($5.99 less the $5/1 MQ), The Olay was $0.99 ($2.99 less the $2/1 MQ) and the Yakisoba was an $0.11 overage! ($0.89 w/ a doubled $0.50/1 MQ)

I love FREE!!

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